Every year for the past nine years, we have been conducting a high school summer camp for the marine sciences and/or climate change and the oceans. This has only been possible through a strong partnership with the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (https://www.facebook.com/DOSTSEIScienceCamp/).  Each year, we've reached out to about 40 boys and girls and 20 teachers from public high schools and shared with them a literally and figuratively immersive experience from which they can get a deeper understanding of the importance of the oceans in our lives, especially here in an archipelagic country.

Summer Camp
Other Outreach Activities

BiOME has also taken in high school interns interested in the marine sciences. These interns did this as part of their on-the-job-training or their thesis. 

People in the lab have also been part of other educational activities organized by various institutions such as exposure trips of schools to the Institute, lectures in various schools, and the Science Explorer (a mobile interactive learning facility by the DOST-SEI).


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