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Quantifying Ecological Connections for Quick Evaluation of Coral reefs

The Philippines is home to extensive coastal habitats like coral reefs that harbor the highest biodiversity in the world. In order to sustainably manage and protect these valuable ecosystems, science-based information is needed. Information on the ecological connections between different coral reefs within sites, regions and across the nation is important in order to understand how reefs from different areas contribute to the condition and potential resilience of other reefs. This helps to develop conservation strategies such as plans for protected areas. 

QuEC-QuEC is a national-scale model that represents the potential connections between coral reefs through different types of marine organisms. It spans the North Indo-West Pacific region, which includes all coral reefs in Philippine territory and EEZ, and other reefs that potentially connects with our local reefs. QuEC-QuEC takes into account the dispersal and settlement of marine organisms and their larvae. 


QuEC-QuEC was developed through the support of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD), University of the Philippines Diliman

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