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Marine Science 1 (MS 1)

A general elective for undergraduate students.  An appreciation course on the functional balance between the health of the oceans and the survival and improvement of our way of life

Marine Science 101 (MS 101)

A science elective for undergraduate students in science programs introducing the field of oceanography from the geology, physics, chemistry and biology.

Marine Science 397 (MS 397) Ecological Modelling

A graduate course that I developed.

The process and outputs of modeling have played important roles in helping to increase our understanding of various complex systems. Modeling enables the synthesis of knowledge on these complex ecological systems, and allows us to simulate and analyze their dynamics. This course will give an introduction into the development and analysis of ecological models. It will provide an overview on the approaches and the model types using a hands-on approach

Marine Science 396 (MS 396) Physical-Biological Interactions in the Oceans

Graduate course I developed.

Physical processes are important drivers of biological patterns and processes in the ocean; concurrently, biological processes feedback to the physical realm. The interactions and variabilities in coupled physical-biological systems in ocean systems will be investigated qualitatively and quantitatively at differing time and spatial scales.

Introduction to Ecosystem Modelling

Advanced undergraduate and graduate course I developed.

Basic concepts of  ecosystem modeling; The course begins with simple first steps of modeling and develops more and more complex ones with various types of process-oriented models such as: Chemical-biological models, life cycle models, physical-biological interaction models. Help students to explore the theoretical framework and familiarize them with the methods in ecosystem modelling. The numerical method aspects of modelling and applications will also be illustrated.

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